Tasco Telescope 9F (1990)

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  • Posted by ndavid on Aug 21st, 2008 at 7:57pm

    Finder assembly
    Yesterday I bought a Tasco 1990 Model 9F 60mm refractor telescope at a thrift store for the sum of $50. After some familiarization, I have moved the mounting 3" further forward so that the scope now balances on its altaz tripod. Works well. But I had to dismantle the finder (which is built right into the telescope and not just attached to it) in an attempt to get it to point in the same direction as the telescope. As I detached it from the barrel I heard a faint ping and when I removed the finder I found a thin metal spring, somewhat like half a chicken's wishbone, loose in the barrel.

    The finder consists of (from the eyepiece in):
    -- a multipart eyepiece which can be pushed in and out to focus it; this screws into a plastic housing that screws into the main body of the finder
    -- within this housing is a coiled steel spring that connects to
    -- a narrow plastic tube containing a lens at its distal (furthest from the eye piece) lens.

    The problem is that this narrow tube wobbles about and must surely be meant to be stabilized by the 1/2 wishbone spring that I found in the barrel of the scope. I have tried various ways to attach this without success and come to the conscluion that there probably should be three of them. If there were three than the adjustment screws on the side of the housing would push against two and allow adjustment to take place (but it is far from obvious how they would attach!).
    So far as I know here is no available manual (the one that came with it is more concerned with the tripod than the telescope) and no parts list.
    Advice will be appreciated. Kindly copy to

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