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Nov 8th, 2008 at 8:22pm

how to program

for Cobra Electronics 16 channel scanning receiver sr 900

I was wondering how to program the codes in my scanner. I have the codes, but have forgotten how to program the scanner.


  • themanwiththeguitar
    Power Up

    Hit manual

    Hit 1 manual to go to channel 1

    To program 155.250 in to channel 1

    hit 1 hit 5 hit 5 hit . hit 2 hit 5 hit E/enter

    hit manual to go to the next channel, repeat above for each channel and frequency

    Hit scan to scan the programmed channels

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  • smifunnyface
    We have a cobra sr925 and need deriction how to work it and the codes if you could please help it would be nice.

    Thanks Candy

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  • classyc4sum
    Lost the manual on how to program my scanner could you please help

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  • dodah578
    we have a SR 900 16 channel cobra scanner and have lost the directions on how to program it could you help

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  • kowerskigallery
    I have an instruction manual for sale at my blujay e-store.

    Comment image

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  • crlynkidder
    need to find information on the cobra sr925 for programing and how to operate got from a friend he didn't have the book lost it
    thank you

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  • grannyleelee60
    Thank you for your help!!

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  • lilmom24kids
    Have a 925 but it wont let me program in any channels. Keeps saying error and memory loss! Any ideas?

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