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Jun 9th, 2008 at 5:11am

Westpoint heater


Product image Please help. We've just bought a house and have inherited this old Westpoint oil/diesel (not too sure) heater. There is a large external tank outside. Apparently it has not worked for the last 20 odd years. We would like to fix it and use it this winter. Looking for a manual or some technical information.


  • marcel.dutoit

    I am in exactly the same position. Did you manage to find a solution and someone to service the heater? Would appreciate your help

    Kind regards


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  • dtanner
    Trevor Kilner 073 258 8712 Services and supplies these

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  • airtech
    Hi there we do diesel heater , i am looking for a westpoint diesel heater , do you want to sell it maybe, call me on 0824902069

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  • wimpieg
    We have one. Not sure what fuel to use. The co that used to supply oil do not operate anymore. The alternative seem to supply normal Diesel at an expensive price and the heater is now consuming much more oil than before. Last winter we used R4000 worth of oil and it did not last the winter.

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