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Feb 13th, 2011 at 10:00am


for Goodman Air Handler A36-15

Need installation manual for the A36-15 Air Handler. Intermittent function of blower on heat setting while in Auto.


  • bluesjuke
    Should mention that the Cpacitor and fan motor are ok, changed the Fan coil relay (BTDR) too.
    I suspect the heat coil sequencers causing problem as heat comes on but not the fan.
    Already swapped the Fan Coil relay

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  • bluesjuke
    From the schematic (I'm an electrician) I narrowed the problem down to the 3 pole, 2 stage heat sequencer.

    When this problem occurs in heat mode only, as mine, that is likely the cause in most of these Goodman units I see people post about onlne seeking a solution.
    If it occurs both in heating and cooling or just cooling then the fan relay is likely the suspect.

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