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Nov 1st, 2008 at 8:24pm

how to cange to centigrade readings

for Safety 1st ir ear thermometer 49501A


  • karhuniemi
    when the unit is off, push and hold the 'start' button (button that you push to take the temperature). Hold until you see lines and the reading (C / F). When the lines show up, push the 'start' button again until the desired centigrade reading is displayed, then press the power button.

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  • christina.chagolla
    this instruction manual was very helpful and accurate.Thank you so much.
    Also, when you first start the instructions if the (C / F) reading does not appear with the lines proceed and it will still reset your thermometer.

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  • a_duran_01
    how you guys do the reconfiguration of this thermometer?

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  • melmu37
    Hi, I havent been able to find these covers to go with my thermometer, do you know a supplier?

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  • dohman
    Thanks a lot .
    It works .

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  • elizabethnava85
    Thank you so much :) now I don't need to buy a new one. This was really helpful god bless y'all

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