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Jul 20th, 2009 at 2:53am

Atomic Clock

for Sharp atomic clock/ indoor/ outdoor temp SPC900

I canot find this manual, I need it to learn how to put the atomic clock in the right zone, and know where to put the wireless sencor for the outdoor temp.


  • rbmclain590
    the answer about am & pm and military time was useful, but i still cannot get the month, day and date set.

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  • ron76053
    these are easy... just hold the time button down for about 2 seconds... then use up down to adjust each setting and tap time to progress from one setting to the next.
    a manual sure would have been nice!

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  • genericky
    To change the timezone you need to press the time button once (briefly, do not hold it for 2 seconds), when the alarm time is shown in the lower left corner press the 'UP' button, this will change your timezone. The 'Down' button will switch between military time and am/pm.

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  • wcamaa

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